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Peer Predictive™

EZP set the industry standard for making phone calls to mobile phones when we created Peer Predictive™ Now, we’ve taken our AI technology far beyond competitive dialing systems. Break-neck speeds can result in more than 300 calls per agent, per hour to the real people you want to reach. Catch more live answered calls, faster. Let Peer Predictive do the work so you can focus on winning.

Reach mobile devices of specific people and demographics

Break-neck speeds of 300+ calls per agent, per hour

Gather real-time actionable data

True Predictive™

Landlines still matter, but only if you target the right people. That’s how True Predictive™ revolutionized the calling industry. Our AI allows you to reach more than 375 people per agent, per hour. True Predictive™ gets calls to people who pick up the phone faster. Volunteers get more engagement and fewer dial tones. It’s time for your callers to speak with more people so you can focus on winning.

Make landline data great again

Revolutionized proprietary AI achieves call rates of 375+ per agent, per hour

Reach more answers with the highest speed dialing legally allowed

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One Touch Phone Calls

EZ One Touch Phone Calls can make your small campaign feel big. Our system is perfect for fundraising calls and volunteers trying to reach voters on a short list. Get the most out of your team with our easy-to-use interface so you can focus on winning.

Reach voters at speeds as fast as callers can push a button

Great for fundraising calls

Easy to use

EZ Call Center™

When it comes to winning, count on the professional callers of EZ Call Center™. Get what you pay for. Our friendly, certified callers get twice the engagement of volunteers. More patch calls get connected. Receive polling responses far beyond minimum requirements. Get out the vote by engaging more active voters. Identify the voters that guarantee your victory. We’ll pick up the phone so you can focus on winning.

Friendly, certified callers attain twice the engagement of volunteers

Polling and surveys collect more accurate actionable data

Identify voters through meaningful conversation

EZ Patch Calls

Real-time conversations with elected officials. 

An effective tool in advocacy outreach giving constituents a direct line to the elected officials making decisions on their behalf. 

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