Political Campaigns Made Easy

Let EZP do the work so you can focus on WINNING.

Political Campaigns Made Easy

Let EZP do the work so you can focus on WINNING.

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We are pleased to provide key technology roles to dozens of successful Republicans.
You could be next to work with EZP.

Lt Gov Winsome Sears R

Lt. gov. winsome sears

2021 Virginia General

Gov Henry McMaster R

gov. henry mcmaster

2018 Primary & General

Rep Devin Nunes R CA

rep. devin nunes

2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, (Retired 2021)

Sen Lindsay Graham R

sen. lindsey graham

2014 Senate Re-Elect & Team Graham 2016 GOP Presidential Primary

Sen Deb Fischer R

sen. deb fischer

US Senate 2012 Primary & General

Sen Ted Cruz R

Sen. Ted Cruz

2012 Primary, Runoff, General

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Get the most out of your team with our easy-to-use interface, so you can focus on winning.

Political Campaigns Made Easy. Calling.


Peer Predictive

Let Peer Predictive do the work, so you can focus on winning.

True Predictive

Volunteers get more engagement and fewer dial tones.

EZ Call Center

Receive polling responses far beyond minimum requirements.


P2 By EZ Politix

Accurate and efficient, our texts deliver more for less.

EZ Peer Text Survey

When you can’t reach them by phone, EZP reaches them on their mobile device. 

Short Codes

We’ll reach your subscribers in mass, faster, and cheaper than P2P texting.

EZP Texting
EZP Studio


EZP Studio

Network live shots, announcement videos, podcasts, we can deliver the highest quality product.


EZ Poll

Polling packages available for any size of campaign


EZ Digital Ads

We create ads tailored to your needs and deliver them to the voters that matter.

EZ Digital Ads


EZ Canvass

The easy-to-use EZ Canvass app, makes the door-knocking experience fun.

EZ Canvassing